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[1902-O Morgan Dollar (c) 2007 Michael Parrish]


Coin Collection

[1998 Silver Britannia (c) 2007 Michael Parrish]


I would say that I have been collecting coins around 1990, but it wasn't until 2005, while in graduate school, that I became fairly serious about the hobby.  In the 'real world,' I study birds both as a hobby and as a career.  Because birding is an outdoor activity, I was looking for something else I could do for fun that didn't require nice weather or daylight to pursue.  Coins fit the bill perfectly; since then, I've been actively collecting and learning more about the hobby.  I find coin collecting every bit as interesting as I did when I was young - more so now that I have a slightly larger budget to buy nicer coins from time to time.

Although my collection is indeed modest by the standards of many other numismatists, I do feel that I have brought a degree of uniqueness to my collection. Perhaps most notably, my Silver Britannia set is one of the highest-graded, most complete sets of that series in the world. I invite my visitors to take a look at my collections and articles - thanks for dropping by!

Read my coin blog, where I discuss my collecting goals

Galleries: Explore my collection

United States 20th Century Type Set
Completed, now broken up
UK £2 Silver Britannias
Status: Complete (yearly updates)
Birds on Coins
Status: Ongoing
Lincoln Cents (1909 - date)
Business strikes only
Status: 95.7% Complete
Miscellaneous US Coins
Miscellaneous British Coins
Kennedy Halves (1964 - date)
Business strikes only
Status: Complete (yearly updates)
Jefferson Nickels (1938 - date)
Business strikes only
Status: 77.5% Complete

Coin Articles

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