British Type Set

I've had the intention for several years to start developing a selective British type set.  The idea is to collect an example of British designs that strike my fancy.  As you can see, I haven't made much progress yet, but I'll post whatever comes along here, and hopefully, this page will get some meat on its bones eventually.


Charles II Groat, milled, silver


1679: Raw, Brit. VF

George III Twopence


(1797) - Spink 3776

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George III Crown

Laurel Head, St. George Rev.

(1818-1820) - Spink 3787

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Victoria Sovereign

Young head; Shield Rev.

(1838-1887) - Spink ----

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Victoria Sovereign

Jubilee bust; St. George Rev.

(1887-1893) - Spink ----

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Victoria Crown

Jubilee bust; St. George Rev.

(1887-1892) - Spink 3921

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Victoria Penny

Bun head

(1860-1894) - Spink 3954

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Edward VII Florin

Standing Britannia

(1902-1910) - Spink 3981

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George V Half Crown

Coat of Arms

(1911-1919) - Spink 4011

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George VI Crown

Coronation Commem.

(1937) - Spink 4078

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Elizabeth II Florin

Young Laur. head

(1954-1970) - Spink 4146

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Elizabeth II Half Penny


(1954-1970) - Spink 4158

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Elizabeth II Farthing


(1954-1956) - Spink 4159

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Elizabeth II £100

Gold Britannia

(1987) - Spink 4281

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Elizabeth II £1

Welsh Design

(1994) - Spink 4338

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Elizabeth II £2

Silver Britannia, Proof

(1997) - Spink 4300

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