Non-20th Century US Type

This isn't really a type set as such. It's more where I stick the odd US coin that I pick up that doesn't go in the 20th century type set. I don't really have the interest to work on the 21st century US stuff (since the mint doesn't bother to put any artistic energy into their releases), and most of the 18th-19th century stuff is more or less out of my budget's grasp. If something strikes my interest, you may see it here. I also might post a picture of something I owned and since sold.


Liberty Head Large Cent

Braided Hair


1853: Net F

Two Cent

Reverse Rotated 35 degrees


1864: VG

Silver Three Cent



1853: XF

Liberty Head Nickel

Without CENTS


1883: XF

Capped Bust Half Dollar

Lettered Edge, Remodeled Portrait


1832: PCGS XF45 (SOLD)

Jamestown Quadricentennial Dollar

Modern Commemorative


2007: Raw, MS68-69

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